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DFE Estimating

DFE Estimating’s professional team provides you affordable accurate estimates for your new construction projects, you can rest assured that your next construction project will be a success. We offer a wide range of services from civil & architectural works as well as electrical, plumbing and paint works. With the custom designs & calculations by our Experienced Professionals, we ensure that your project is completed with the highest accuracy.

DFE Design Studio

Our professionals are highly competent in a wide range of services suitable to any industry and can give your company the finest quality 2D Drawings, 3D Modeling & renderings, VR Images, and Animations solutions.

When it comes to design services, we believe in a customized approach. Every project has its own set of characteristics that necessitate a thorough analysis to ensure that our clients and we are on the same page. Our ability to communicate and collaborate successfully with our clients and our talent as 3D artists are critical to the success of our work.